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ITC Crunchy Chicken Nuggets 1kg


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Itc Master Chef


Everyone’s favourite – Juicy chicken on the inside, crunchy & golden outside. Triangular in shape for an even bite. Nutritious & tasty delight for all. Enjoy with a cheese dip or good old ketchup. Put them in a roll for a crunchy and juicy filling. Make a complete meal by serving it alongside a burger, wrap or sandwich.

  • High Protein
  •  No added preservatives
  • Deep Fry
  • Air Fry
  • Shallow Fry



Ingredients ;-

chicken 52% , wateer , breadcrumbs refined wheat flour (Maida ) , dextrose , lodized salt and yeast , refined palm oil , batter [ refined wheat flour Maida , starch , degermed corn flour , lodized salt and stabilizer (INS 466 ] soy granule , soy protein isolate , lodized salt garlic , onion and sqestrants [ INS 450 {iii) , INS 451 (ii)


ITC Master Chef

Itc Master Chef
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